About Us

 We are called the Craft House because we serve great beer. To us, great beer means the beer that you like. Our beer list includes both local and imported, micro and macro beers because we think that’s the way a neighborhood pub menu should be.

We focus on sports, entertainment and the community.  We play all the NFL and Canucks games loud when we can, and there is always some game on the TV screens. We entertain with weekly poker, trivia, and music bingo.  Our menu is simple and short to ensure the food is fresh, fast and well prepared. We  also partner with leagues like the VULVDL and the Inside Edge, but many more teams call us home.  The pub is owned and operated by a Laura,  and her son Brendan . The mother stated her pub career late by buying a neighborhood pub in Burnaby in 2006. When the banks wouldn’t fund her, she opted for maxing out her credit cards and enlisting the help of her friends and sons. Once her lease was up in Burnaby, and her youngest son was finished college, they partnered to take over operations a little closer to home. You may remember it as the Elephant Walk Pub or even the Molly Hogan Pub. The pub was renovated to update the décor and reduce the seating before they took over.