Vancouver’s best Friday night trivia. The game starts at 7:30 with three rounds of 15 questions, but you might have a hard time finding seats after 6:30.

Call for reserved seating if you just cant miss it  6043241400.

This high energy quiz features topics that range from music history to the crowd favorite, sports.  Between rounds the confident and comical host asks a lightning question where you can earn your team a free order of nachos. The top prize of a $50 giftcard goes out in a lottery to the top scoring teams. Be ready to cheer, chant, and have a good time. Continue reading “Trivia”



mozzarella cheese, corn, parsley, Arborio rice, chipotle tomato sauce 8.95

Tortilla chips covered with cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes, green onion, and olives with sour cream and salsa 15.95

Lightly seasoned and breaded then fried by the pound with carrots and ranch dip. Choose salt & pepper, dry Cajun, franks hot sauce,  smokehouse bbq, sweet Carolina, or honey garlic 12.95

City Food Delivery, City Order Delivery

Continue reading “Menu”

Music Bingo


Saturday night, starting at 8 pm and free to play, with 9 guaranteed prizes on our Plinko Board. Music Bingo has been a favorite of our regulars and staff for years. To play along, all you have to do is recognize the song playing and dab it on your card–and don’t worry, you’ll get a hint if it’s a tough one.

The fabulous host entertains with her great energy and endless musical knowledge, keeping everyone amped up and entertained through the night. So c’mon down to the party, bring your friends, do some shots, get into your Music Bingo groove. And when we say  “Under the O”  you better shout  “ooooOOOOOOOOHHH!”

About Us

 We are called the Craft House because we serve great beer. To us, great beer means the beer that you like. Our beer list includes both local and imported, micro and macro beers because we think that’s the way a neighborhood pub menu should be.

We focus on sports, entertainment and the community.  We play all the NFL and Canucks games loud when we can, and there is always some game on the TV screens. We entertain with weekly poker, trivia, and music bingo.  Our menu is simple and short to ensure the food is fresh, fast and well prepared. We  also partner with leagues like the VULVDL and the Inside Edge, but many more teams call us home.   Continue reading “About Us”

Bar Poker

Our Sunday night weekly Texas hold’em poker tournament is free to join and free to play.  Amateur players come out each week at 6pm to socialize and practice their table skills without putting their paychecks at risk. The pub does pony up prizes each week in order to keep things interesting. We do ask that you abide by our minimum purchase from the bar so we can fund the host and the prizes. Continue reading “Bar Poker”